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Accessing Workbook Answers

Adding an Activity to a Course and Making it Gradable
Adding from the Elementary Library into the Class Syllabus Bulk Edit
Bulk Edits - Grading Periods Changing the Settings on Assignments
Clipboard - Adding from the Elementary Library Clipboard (General)

Closing Out Students

Continuous to Traditional (Range)
Course Settings Creating the "Stop Activity"
Editing Assessments Extra Credit

Forced Order (Buzz Teacher and Admin App)

Google Doc Sharing

Gradable Activity Editor - Requiring a Passing Score Before Student Moves On Grading Periods
Hiding Courses - Teacher's App Lesson Tools
Providing Students Access to Complete an Activity When the Due Date was Missed (For Traditional/Range Courses) Pulling an Individual Student's Activity for a Course
Pulling Mastery of Standards/Objectives Quick Grading Using the Gradebook
Rapidly Grading the "Stop Activity" Restoring Activities to their Master Shell or to a Previous Edit
Scanning Apps to Submit K-5 Work Student's Gradebook
Student Report (Student Performance in all my Courses) Submitting Work
User Activity (Buzz Admin App) Viewing and Downloading Students' Detailed Grade Information
"What If" Feature