OW- Adding a Student

Use this page to learn how add a student in Odysseyware Academy or Academic Services.

  1. Login to https://sis.odysseywareacademy.com.
  2. Click Students.
  3. Click Add Student
  4. Enter in the information about the student. 


    The yellow fields are required. 

    • Affiliation- Indicates the specific site, school, campus, organization, etc to which the student should be attached.
    • Extended Services- Identifies a student that will need special academic Accommodations (IEP, 504 plans, etc)
    • Email- This the primary method of communication between teacher and student. Ideally, this would be the student's email address though a mentor or parent's email can suffice if the student doesn't have their own.
    • Guardians- Completing this information will prompt the creation of a Guardian Profile. This allows the user to monitor student grades and progress.
  5. Determine the username and password for the student. 
  6. Click Save