Working with Imagine Learning's Teachers

Imagine Learning’s virtual instructors are highly qualified, state-certified teachers who provide proactive instruction, remediation, and motivation. They also reteach difficult concepts, address misunderstandings, answer questions, make real-world connections, grade assignments, and motivate students.

Our teachers communicate with students via e-mail, phone, office hours, and web conferencing. Virtual instructors use these communications to build relationships with students, learning what motivates the student to be successful in order to promote engagement and foster success.

Our Concept Coaches provide on-demand tutoring in core subject areas to ensure students’ questions are addressed in a timely manner. Concept Coaches are available at the click of a button from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Eastern Time), Monday through Saturday.

Actionable Data

All of our virtual instructors use real-time data and course information to personalize instruction and provide targeted support. Teachers routinely review a number of reports in our Student Information System (SIS), as well as students’ essays, assignments, and quizzes and exams to identify areas in which additional instructional support is required.

Virtual instructions also use this data to inform timely communication with families and school mentors. Our ultimate goal is to use data to implement measures that help students complete courses and achieve academic success.

Escalation and Intervention Matrix

Every Imagine Learning virtual instructor uses our Escalation and Intervention Matrix to ensure students are on track with attendance, pacing, and grades. Teachers have clear guidance on specific milestones that students must reach and corresponding actions to take if a student is falling behind.

Teachers monitor all students and regularly communicate with them to provide feedback on assignments, answer questions, give study skills strategies, or to intervene when student performance concerns arise. Interventions typically take place when a student has not attended a course (logged in) for five or more days, has fallen 7% or more behind pace, and/or has a grade below 65%.

At the point of intervention, teachers will reach out to the student, parent, and/or mentor. The school mentor is a critical partner for our teachers to help ensure student success.