Sending an ILVP Text Message

This page explains how to send a text message in the Imagine Learning Virtual Portal (ILVP, formerly SIS).

  1. Use the Search criteria and/or Advanced Filter to find the student who is to receive the text message.


    To see the steps for using the Advanced Filter to find a student, click here.

  2. Click Send SMS in the Actions menu on the left-hand side.
  3. If the student has more than one enrollment, select one from the drop-down list, then type in the text message and click Send.


If the message did not successfully send, a red bar with an “X” will appear. Check that a valid phone number is saved in the student's Edit Information page.

After a message is sent, the SMS ILVP message will appear in the student's messages tab in the ILVP and on their cell phone. The student can respond to you from either platform. IVP SMS messages are automatically recorded in the ILVP Communication Log.

If the Send SMS tab does not populate, that means the district does not allow students to get SMS messages. Review the Edit Information tab under Contact Information - SMS Enabled.