Onboarding a District — K–5 Partnered with Instructional Services Virtual Teachers


To onboard a district to IS for K–5 partnered with Instructional Services Virtual Teachers:

  1. Collect the following information:
    • School calendar (so that "no school" days can be entered into the system)
    • District users who need access (for example, mentors, counselors, administrators)
    • School policies for students taking online courses (for example, how attendance is measured, minimum passing grade, academic integrity)
    • Student information to be used for creating student accounts (name, date of birth, grade level, gender, phone number, email address, address, IEP status, NCAA status, guardian name, guardian phone number, guardian email address)
  2. Review the system settings for any adjustments for our Allowed URLs.
  3. Order workbooks using the Imagine Learning Elementary Workbook Pre-Order Form.
  4. On the Request for Instructional Services Professional Development form:
    • Schedule Instructional Services Professional Development for administrators, mentors, and anyone else who will be working in the systems.
    • Schedule parent orientation by inputting a date and time in the notes section of the form. 
  5. Schedule a meeting with your Customer Success Manager or Regional Administrator to discuss your implementation.
  6. Submit student information to create student accounts in bulk using the Instructional Services Student Import Instructions.


    Once accounts are created, users receive an automatic email containing their login credentials.

  7. Create teacher accounts.
  8. Enroll students in courses.
  9. Schedule time to check in regularly with your Customer Success Manager or Regional Administrator to discuss your program's success and needs.


Your Customer Success Manager or Regional Administrator will send an email to the main contact listed on the purchase order within 48 hours of receiving the order. Check your email settings to make sure that emails from imaginelearning.com do not get blocked or sent to your junk folder.