New 6–12 families

Imagine Learning is excited you are here. The most essential training materials specifically relevant to you, as parents/guardians, are gathered below. These resources are designed to help you and your student(s) get up and running quickly. We wish you the very best as you embark on your journey with us!

6–12 Student Overview Video

This video is a student view walk-through, including course options, digital support tools, communications, and teacher support.

Parent/Guardian Quickstart Guide

On-Demand Tutoring

Task Management

For parents working with multiple children at home, it may be difficult to determine how to set up your distance learning schedule as well as which tasks need to be completed independently or with your guidance. Here are some tips:

  1. Make a dedicated space with a calendar. Not all families have the ability to let all students have their own desk, so get creative! Make sure you have a “command center” that houses all the supplies, chargers, and dry-erase calendar for scheduling.
  2. Know your student’s synchronous schedule. Does the teacher need to meet with them once a week? Twice a week? Do they need to be supervised? On your calendar, mark which days and time your students need to be online and make sure that they have the space to do so.
  3. Note what subjects your students struggle and excel at. Some students have a lot of math anxiety, or struggle to read on their own. Dedicate time where you are able to assist them. If you are working from home, you can use the mornings or afternoons during your break to assist them or ask their teacher for help on remediation. If your student is an independent learner, set a time where they can work on their independent tasks without interruption.
  4. Consider boundaries for Internet use. It may be difficult to decide how much time on the internet is appropriate for students. Please note that different circumstances call for different times on the internet. Some students have classes where they are working an hour per subject per day, some students have packets or non-internet-based work. Determine boundaries that hold your students accountable.