K-5 Client Implementation Checklist

Use this page to ensure the implementation steps are completed. 


checkbox-best_practices.png View Pre-Implementation Video 

Complete Pre-Implementation Form

  • Determine and list three tentative ISPD Dates and Times.
  • Complete Chart 1: Individuals needing Imagine Learning Virtual Portal (ILVP, formerly SIS) Account. (Upload as attachment)
  • Complete Chart 2: Local School Sites. (Upload as attachment)
  • Upload School Calendar. (Upload as attachment)

Review Student Enrollment Import Sheet Video

  • Complete Student Enrollment Import Sheet. (Upload as attachment)

Order Workbooks

  • Shipped in bulk for distribution by the district or shipped directly to the students address with a 2-3 week turnaround.
  • Workbook pages can be found electronically embedded in the courses.

Document any questions, concerns, and comments for the Implementation meeting with the Regional IS Administrator. 


Submit Pre-Implementation Form with the following attachments:

  • ISPD Dates
  • Chart 1
  • Chart 2
  • School Calendar
  • Student Enrollment Import Sheet

The Regional IS Administrator will contact you to schedule the Implementation Meeting to address any questions and complete the Implementation Process.