Building an Online Program

Use this page to learn some tip on creating an online program. 

  • Step 1: Check with your current contracts for conflict of interests 
    Some contracts make it very clear whether you are allowed to build an online program, but other’s may not be. If your district has a contract with a third-party vendor, you may not be able to easily request online curriculum or supplies for your program.

    Districts may also have protocol in order to start an online program, which can range from funding to how to obtain material needed. If there are no conflicts of interest with the district, you can proceed on building a program.
  • Step 2: Funding
    Finding funding in order to supply the needs for an online program can be tricky. There are plenty of resources for finding grants, but there is also a need to understand that funding is an ongoing cost.

    Funding needs to include: upfront, periodic, and ongoing. There will always be more cost to start, but in the event that your program grows, make sure to write into your grants that costs may change and provide an estimate.
  • Step 3: Setting guidelines for academic integrity
    Having an academic integrity contract for teachers, students, and parents is an important step. Our website has tips to maintain academic integrity
  • Step 4: Grow
    After you know the logistics of the program and have everything in place, grow and expand your program. Look for community opportunities to provide academic support for your students and get families involved!