Data in ILVP and LMS (real time)

This page describes the different sets of data that can be viewed in each LMS.

ILVP Edgenuity LMS Odysseyware LMS Buzz LMS

Current Enrollments

Additional data points to inform communication include, but are not limited to: 

  • Grade metrics
  • Performance Indicators
  • Percent Complete
  • Progress in last 7 days
  • Pacing

Course Report

Found in the upper right hand corner of a students “Grades for Student Name” page, it can be used to view: 

  • Estimated v. actual time spent
  • Due date v. first attempt and submission  date
  • Attempts on activity
  • Grade on activity
  • Future due dates 

This report downloads as a PDF.

Student Settings

Clicking on the student’s name above the gradebook (underlined), the “behind the scenes” shows:

  • Pass thresholds
  • Assignment weightings
  • Max number of automatic attempts


The gradebook shows:

  • Suggested target due date
  • Submitted date
  • Status (graded, needs grading, retry allowed, etc.)
  • Feedback from teacher
  • Percentage of completed assignments worth a grade
  • Percentage of total assignments (including ungraded)

Student Page

Has additional qualitative and quantitative data including, but not limited to: 

  • Edit information: Guardian Information, Text Enabled/Disabled, State of residence, IEP/504/LP/NCAA student
  • Communication Log: Past communication

Scores and Activity Review

The Scores and Activity Review, found by selecting the edit button to the left of your students course and clicking on “Scores and Activity Review”, can be used to view: 

  • Activity type
  • Customized date range
  • Score
  • Attempts
  • Submission date

This report can be downloaded as an Excel document.


Various pieces of information are available via the student gradebook.  The gradebook itself shows:

  • Due date (past and future), number of attempts, and grade earned.

To view further details, click on the hyperlink for “attempts” to view:

  • Grade on each attempt
  • Time spent on assignment
  • First attempt and submission date


Inside a student assignment, the following information is viewable:

  • Time spent
  • Day and hour count to determine how long an assignment was submitted after due date/before due date (if not on target)

Implementation Notes

Found on a student main page (Edgenuity)/Under the affiliations page (Odysseyware), provide: 

  • Data points valued by school 
  • Specific information to consider when communicating or supporting the student

Session Log

The Session Log, found by hovering over a students name and clicking on “Session Log”, can be used to view:

  • Course student was logged into 
  • Length of time actively v. idly logged in
  • Number of activity completed
  • Customizable date range

This report can be downloaded as a PDF.


Activity Stream

The Activity steam shows: 

  • Teacher announcements 
  • When feedback and scores are provided/updated from teachers

Odysseyware Only: 

The gradebook provides:

  • Start/end dates
  • Grade metrics
  • Number of assignments completed out of total
  • Percent complete
  • Last sync date

If a course is selected, it shows:

  • List of assignments
  • Grade earned (if complete)
  • Number of attempts
  • Status (e.g., assigned)
  • Due date

Progress Report

Found by hovering over a students name and clicking on “Progress Report”, can be used to view: 

  • All grading metrics
  • Start and Target Date
  • Percent complete v. Target percent complete
  • Estimated Time Remaining in course 
  • Daily time goal
  • Averages for activity types and grade weight

This report is color coded and can be downloaded as a PDF.


Activity Heatmap/Student Activity

This provides information about the length of time spent in a specific course in various formats.


Pacing Guide

Found in the student’s main page, provides the number of assignments a student needs to complete each week to improve on pace.