Grading K-5 Assignments

The Needs Grading screen lists all the activities that need grading. Needs Grading can be accessed from the main menu. The answer keys and rubrics are available in the Resources area of each course under Teacher’s Guide.


  1. Select the number needing to be graded. 
  2. The assignments to be graded will appear on the left. 


    Filtering can be done by name, modules, dates, and assignment name. Without filtering, the assignments will appear earliest assignment to latest assignment.

  3. The selected assignment is viewable in the center window. Rubrics, if available, will appear at the bottom. 
  4. The right window will display the Assignment Score/Activity History and Submission History
  5. Enter a score for the assignment. 
  6. Provide feedback for the student. 


    This can be done in written, video, or audio form.

    Templates with written feedback can also be created.


    Feedback for young learners is very important.

  7. Click Submit Score