Modifying a K–5 course for all students

Use this page to edit a course. 

  1. Click the pencil icon IS-Modify_course-edit_icon.png from the course card. 
  2. Click an eye to make it visible or hidden to students.


    Visible content will appear as a gray eye IS-Modify_course-visible_icon.png and hidden content as a red eye IS-Modify_course-hidden_icon.png.


    The About Me assignment appears in all courses so it is encouraged to turn it off in all but one course so students only complete it once.

  3. Click a pencil icon IS-Modify_course-edit_icon.png to make changes to the activity. 
    • Instruction 
      • Settings tab
        • Gradebook and submission – can make the activity gradable 


          By default, Instruction activities are not counted towards the grade.

        • Visibility and access – settings based on movement may be selected
        • Advanced activity options – forced order can be added or removed
        • Objective mastery – objectives can be added or removed
    • Quiz
      • Activity tab
        • Add Activity
        • Instructions
        • Add Attachment
        • Add Calculator
        • Add Companion Materials
      • Settings tab
        • Activity settings allows you to change the Number of attempts, Questions per page, allow save and continue, require answers, randomize question order and Randomize response order.
        • Objective mastery - allows the deletion or addition of objectives
        • Advanced assessment options - allows Time limits, Question score, Attempt minimum, and if checked several other options. The score attempt will count, Last, First, Highest and Average may be selected.
        • Gradebook and submission- allows the item to be gradable, Grade Weight can be changed, whether the grade in entered by Points, Percentage or Letter grade and the grade category. The quiz can also be selected as extra credit.
        • Visibility and access - allows the content to be hind from table of contents.
        • Advanced gradebook options - allows the passing score to be selected, whether the score can be dropped, included in the final score calculation, required as a passing score for credit, treat as a zero in the gradebook until the activity is scored.
      • Questions tab
        • IS-Modify_course-preview_questions.png Click the arrow in the box to preview the questions, this preview is how the students see the questions.
        • IS-Modify_course-reorder_questions.png Click the up and down arrow to reorder the questions
        • IS-Modify_course-edit_questions.png Click the outgoing arrows the edit all the questions at once
        • IS-Modify_course-link_questions.png Click the link icon to link questions from other quizzes to the current quiz
        • IS-Modify_course-add_questions.png Click the plus sign to add a question.
        • Click a question on the left sidebar, to delete the question click on the trash can beside the question
        • Clicking the question will open the question editor, to the right of the question click the 3 dots to delete the answer choice, add feedback or to toggle lock position.
        • Click Add Choice to add an additional question choice.
        • Click Add Feedback to give students feedback when they answer the question. Selections can be made, Always, When the answer is correct, When the answer is incorrect. Feedback is typed below the selection.
        • There are a few additional features that most likely will not be used for elementary.