Editing Options Overview

This page describes the editing options.


Before making changes to the edit options, discuss with Instructional Supervisor, Mentor Teacher, and if the student is identified as Special Education, with the SES department. Changes should only be made if all stakeholders are in agreement.

Edit Option Reminders
  • Edit options are set at the district-wide implementation level. 
  • For students who require Special Education Services, an SES member will update the Edit Options per the Compliance Form. 
  • For students who do not require Special Education Services, but may benefit from a change from the default option, it is best practice to collaborate with your Instructional Supervisor and the School Site Mentor.
Option Description Intervention Option*
Assessment Thresholds

Specifies the minimum passing score for each type of assessment.

Default: Set at 70%
Grade Weights

Changes the grade weight for different activities and assessments.


Time Limits for Assessments

Maximum time allowed during an assessment.

Default: Quizzes (60 minutes), Tests (120 minutes), Exams (180 minutes)
Auto Grading Method

Specifies which of the three different grading methods are used for the course.

Default: Automatic with Grade selected
Start and Target Dates

Specifies the beginning and projected completion dates for the course.

Default: Based on enrollment start and end date
Mastery & Pacing
Assessment Options

Things students can and cannot do while taking an assessment.

Default: 2 Failed Attempts


Teacher Review

Prevents a student from taking an assessment until a teacher gives the green light.

Default: Cumulative Exam Activities Review selected.
Mastery & Pacing
Guided Notes

Provides a way to keep students actively engaged during the lecture portions of the online coursework.

Default: Selected, and only available for specific, core courses.
Free Movement

Allows students to move freely between activities in the course, rather than in order from top to bottom. With this option enabled, students can freely click on any activity, but they will still be required to watch videos in their entirety.

Default: Unselected.

Engagement, Mastery & Pacing

Allows a student to test out of a lesson before viewing the content.

Default: Turned off for Initial Credit (IC) courses; Turned on for Credit Recovery (CR) courses

Mastery & Pacing
Quiz Review Method

Allows students to use their quizzes as a study guide before a test or exam.

Default: Questions and Student Answers selected.

Prescriptive Testing Options

Used to enable a diagnostic test taken at the very beginning of a course, the results of which will automatically customize the course for the student.

Default: Turned off.

Chat Support

Access to Concept Coaches tutoring. 

Default: Enable chat support selected.

Engagement & Mastery
Automatic Progression

LMS will advance the student to the next activity, even if predefined passing thresholds are not met. When attempts are exhausted (or pass an assessment), the LMS will take the highest score and record it as the graded attempt.

Default: Enabled

Mastery & Pacing