Viewing a Student's Progress Report in LMS

This page explains how to view a student's progress report in the LMS.

  1. Locate the school of the student in the Imagine Learning Virtual Portal (ILVP, formerly SIS).
  2. Log into the LMS.
  3. It is important to be in the same school as the student. If needed, click here to learn how to switch schools.
  4. Under Students, enter the student's name into the search field.
  5. Select the matching name.
  6. Under the student's name tab, click Progress Report.
  7. To filter to one course, select the course from the drop-down menu under Select Course. Then push Get Progress.


    Archived courses will be shown as well.

  8. The progress report lists various calculations on a student's progress within the course. For descriptions on what each data measurement means, click here.
  9. The table outlines the activities a student has accomplished in the course. To learn more, click here.