Using the Scores and Activity Review

An educator can use the scores and activity review for a student in the LMS to create strategies to improve their mastery in a particular course.

To see how to display the scores and activity review, click here.



  • Use the Score hyperlink to sort from lowest to highest grade or highest to lowest grade
    (calloutB.png in the image above)
        • Ask yourself which individual assessment(s) are the lowest? What kind of intervention would address mastering those standards?
        • Example: If a student has a low quiz grade, consider reviewing the standards with the student, sending open ended questions that address the missed standards to earn credit.
  • After identifying a trend in assessment(s) that have low scores, filter by activity type to inform intervention (calloutA.png in image above).
        • Ask yourself, is there one type of activity that the student is consistently struggling with? If so, is there an alternative way you can identify if the student has mastered that content?
        • Example: If the student has low grades on multiple choice assessments, but excels in essays and projects, consider providing a teacher created alternative assessment that focuses on the students strengths in essay writing and project development.
  • Share data with students.
        • Provide student choice in which specific assessments to focus on first.
        • Example: Provide a short, actionable list to students based on this content and allow the student to decide how to demonstrate mastery -tutoring session and retake, short answer responses, a project or essay.