Creating an advanced filter in Enrollments tab and Students tab

This page describes how to create and save an advanced filter for use when searching on the Enrollments or Students tab. It also shows how to use an existing, saved filter. 

  1. Click the Enrollments or Students tab from the dashboard.
  2. Click Advanced Filter on the left-hand menu.


    From this screen you can choose to sort your data based on key words in their course, assignment, address etc. (you can also refine your search criteria by school, mentor name, grade, etc).

  3. For example, in an unused left-hand drop-down box, choose the option “Course” and, in the box next to that one, choose “Contains”, then type in the name, or part of the name of the course.
  4. Add more search criteria to further refine the list of students, then click Get Data.
  5. To use the same search criteria in the future, enter a name for the filter in the box Save this filter as:, and click Save.
  6. A message displays, confirming the filter was saved.
  7. In future, to search using an existing filter, click Advanced Filter, then under the Load this filter dropdown, search for and select the filter that was saved previously, then click Load.