Accessing Current Enrollments – Mentors and Program Leads

The Current Enrollments view allows you to monitor student progress and achievement over time.

To access current enrollments:

  1. Click the Schools tab.

  2. Click your school's name, then click Current Enrollments.

  3. Select the applicable search criteria and optional filters and click Get Data.

  4. Click Customize Columns to adjust the data as desired. This allows different fields in the drop-down menu to display in the data table.

  5. Select desired columns from each of the drop-down menus. 



    Student name is displayed by default as the first column.

    Suggested Column Headers:
    Column Selection
    1 Section
    2 Enrollment Start Date: Customizable to suit student/school’s needs
    3 Enrollment End Date: Customizable to suit student/school’s needs
    4 Performance Indicator Alerts
    5 Grade Overall (Value): Content mastery
    6 Grade Actual (Value): Overall grade plus pacing percentage
    7 Last Activity: Days since student completed and submitted an assignment
    8 Attendance (Last 7 Days): Number of minutes student logged in and worked in the last 7 days
    9 Percent Expected: How much of the course student should have completed to date
    10 Percent Complete: How much of the course student has completed
    11 Assignments behind
    12 Last Sync: Time when both systems updated
    13 Teacher
  6. Scroll down and click Save.
  7. Review the report.


    Use the Search bar to locate specific information or adjust the view in ascending or descending order by clicking on a column header.

  8. Export the results to Excel using the button at the top of the page if desired.