Identifying LMS Alerts

This page shows how to identify LMS alerts in Imagine Learning Virtual Portal (ILVP, formerly SIS).

  1. Access the current enrollments. To see the steps for accessing current enrollments, click here.
  2. Customize the column display to view the relevant LMS alerts. To see more information about alerts and steps for customizing the column display, reference the following:
  3. Click one of the column titles once to sort from least to greatest number; click twice on the column title to sort from greatest to least number.


    If the column is blank, no alerts are pending for the associated student. If there is a number in the column that is how many hours have passed since the student submitted work that requires teacher action.


Best Practice

  • Check each column daily, and if possible, once in the morning and once in mid-afternoon.
  • Resolve alerts as they appear.
  • Grading Alerts must be resolved in 72 business hours.
  • Review and Retake Alerts must be resolved in 24 business hours.