Understanding the Activity Settings of a Buzz Course

Educators can view and adjust activities settings of a course within the Editor. Use this page to learn about the features available within the activity settings. To access the Editor, click here.  


To access the activity settings, follow these steps:

  1. Click the arrow to expand the module. 
  2. Click the edit icon  IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-accessing_editor-edit_icon.png

Learn about the settings available:

Title Image Description
Gradebook and Submission IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-activity_settings-gradebook_and_submission.png Allows the item to be made gradable. The gradable activity will then appear in the student and teacher gradebooks and can have submissions.
Visibility and Access IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-activity_settings-visibility_and_access.png

Settings based on movement may be selected and allows the content to be hidden from the table of contents. Other actions include the ability to:

    • Block access until student completes other activity
    • Block access until student masters objective(s)
    • Block Student access until a specific date
    • Requires students to enter a password to view this activity
Advanced Activity Options IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-activity_settings-advanced_activity_options.png

The advanced options include how a student will go about submitting an activity. If the activity is not gradable, they will have the options to mark the activity complete or view the activity for a set length of time for the activity to be submitted as complete. If the activity is gradable, some options for how the student will submit the activity will change.

    • Marks this activity as complete: Student will click “Mark Activity as Complete” and will submit the activity, allowing the student to continue.
    • Views this activity for a specified amount of time: Will need to populate the “Required minutes for completion” time. The amount of minutes entered will be the amount of time that the student will need to spend within the activity before it submits as complete and allows the student to continue.
    • Student must complete this activity before continuing to the next one: This option will make the student complete and submit the activity prior to moving to the next.