Understanding the assessment settings of a Buzz course

Educators can view and adjust assessment settings of a course within the Editor. Use this page to learn about the features available within the assessment settings. To access the Editor, click here.  

Accessing the assessment settings

  1. Click Activity List tab. 
  2. Click Assessment from the Filter by type dropdown. 
  3. Under the More Options icon IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-more_options_icon.png, click Edit
  4. Click Save. Feel free to Preview before saving. 

Activity tab options

Title Image Description
Title IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-activity-title.png The title of the assessment can be changed with this setting. Clicking the plus sign in the title box allows Educators to upload an image to correlate with the activity.
Content IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-activity-content.png

The content section of the activity can be edited to include instructions/a message for students to view after accessing the activity.

Attachments IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-activity-attachments.png
  • Attachments: Additional tools and resources can be added to the activity via attachments such as a PDF or Google Doc.
  • Calculator: Basic, Scientific, and Standard calculators can be enabled for students to use during the assessment.
  • Companion Material: Similar to Attachments, the documents added to the Companion Material are attachments that can be added and accessed by the student during the assessment.

Settings tab options

Title Image Description
Activity Settings IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-settings-activity_settings.png
  • Due Dates: Due Date can be enabled, including the date and time the activity is due.
  • Allow late submissions: Students will be able to submit the assessment although it is past due.
  • Number of Attempts: The number of attempts that the student will have to take the assessment.
  • Questions per page: To control the display of questions on one page when the student is taking the assessment.
  • Allow Save and Continue: The student will be able to save the progress that has been made within the assessment at that time.
  • Require Answers: The student will need to answer every question prior to submitting; no question will be able to be left blank.
  • Randomize Question Order: Randomizes the order of the questions on an assessment.
  • Randomize Response Order: Randomizes the multiple-choice answers to the question being asked on the assessment.
Gradebook and Submission IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-settings-gradebook_and_submission.png

Allows the item to be made gradable or not gradable. The gradable activity will then appear in the student and teacher gradebooks and can have submissions.

  • Weight in Category: How the activity will be weighted to the students grade.
  • Score Entry: Can be changed to a point scale, percentage, or letter grade.
  • Grading Category: The category that the assessment will fall under for grading.
  • This activity counts as extra credit: The activity is able to made as an activity that provides extra credit to the student.
Visibility and Access IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-settings-visibility_and_access.png

Setting based on movement may be selected and allows the content to be hidden from the table of contents. The following actions are also available:

  • Activity is visible to: Teachers only; Teachers and Observers; or Students, Teachers, and Observers.
  • Hide from table of contents.
  • Block access until student completes other activity.
  • Block access until student masters objective(s).
  • Block Student access until a specific date.
  • Require students to enter a password to view this activity
Advanced Gradebook Options IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-settings-advanced_gradebook_options.png
  • Hide returned scores until a certain date: Returned scores will not be shown to students until the specified date.
  • Passing Score: The score the student will need to reach to pass the assessment.
  • Score can be dropped from calculated course score.
  • Include this activity’s score in
    final-grade calculation.
  • Require a passing score for course credit.
  • Treat as Zero in gradebook until this activity is scored.
Advanced Activity Options IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-settings-advanced_activity_options.png
  • Mark as complete when the student: This action will complete and submit the activity. Options available are:
    • Submits this Activity.
    • Views this activity for a specified time: An amount of minutes will need to be entered. Once the amount of minutes has surpassed, the student will then be able to submit the activity.
    • Receives Any Score.
    • Receives a passing score.
Advanced Assessment Options IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-settings-advanced_assessment_options.png
  • Time Limit in Minutes: The amount of time the student has to complete an assessment.
  • Default Question Score
  • Attempt Minimum
  • Allow Printing
  • Hide Question “Back” Button”
  • Start Assessment Automatically
  • Show Highlighter
  • Show Answer Eliminator
  • Allow Students to take permanent, activity notes during the assessment:
  • Allow students to bookmark review questions
  • Formative Assessment
  • Include formative in final grade and show score to student
  • Remediation Assessment
  • Assessment Password: (Optional) Required each time the student starts or continues the assessment

Questions tab options

Title Image Description
Preview IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-preview.png When the questions tab is accessed—and done so prior to selecting any questions individually—the Preview will show all of the questions in the assessment, the multiple choice answers, and the correct answer selected for the question. On the Preview page, you can change the answers in each question. However, to go into the more advanced settings of questions, select the question in the left-hand column. To return to the Preview window, select this icon: IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-preview_icon.png
Reorder IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-reorder.png

By selecting the Reorder icon IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-reorder_icon.png, an educator is able to modify the order of the questions within the window that appears after choosing this option. The highlighted arrows on the screen will indicate where the questions can be moved and, when selected, will move the question to the desired order for student viewing.

Edit All Questions IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-edit_all_questions.png

IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-edit_all_questions_icon.png This item will produce a new window containing the assessment questions in an HTML format. All questions can be viewed at once with the corresponding questions and answers, including the correct answer indicated with a “*”.  Any changes to this editing page will need to be entered in the corresponding HTML format and will affect how the questions are viewed and written.

Link to Existing Question IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-link_to_existing_question.png IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-link_to_existing_question_icon.png Questions from different assessments within the course can be linked to the assessment that is being edited. To do so, select the linking button, which will then produce a new window containing the folders/modules in the course. Moving through the modules/folders, each can be expanded to see the contained questions within the assessment. After selecting the boxes to the corresponding questions, click OK and the questions will be added to the assessment being edited.
Create New Question IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-create_new_question.png

To create a new question to be seen by students when taking assessments, select the IS-k-5_implementation-editor_course-assessment_settings-questions-create_new_question_icon.png icon. The new question will appear along with the settings available for the question. These settings are also available to be changed within the already created questions in the assessment.

  • Type: The type of question includes the way that the student will respond and answer the question. Options include Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers, Fill in the Blank, Essay Response, etc.
  • Points: The number of points earned from answering the question correctly.
  • Question Details: Within the allotted space, the question can be typed and created in this field. Click the number correlated with the question for the text box to appear.
  • Answer Choices: Using the Multiple Choice question type as an example, the field below the typed question is where the answer choices can be typed (similarly to the Question Details field). The indicated choices must be selected for the text box to appear in the fields where students type answers and responses. Additional choices can be added. If too many choices have been added, remove them by selecting the vertical dots to the right of the choice.
  • Feedback: Feedback can be added per question on different basis.To add the option to provide students feedback on the selected question, select “Add Feedback”. Options include, the question will have feedback:
    • Always
    • When answered correctly
    • When answered incorrectly.
  • The interactions section is where the order and presentation of how the questions are labeled. The label of the response and answers for example can be changed from “a.” to “1.”. The label can also be removed with the “No Label” option. Additionally, the response order can be modified to stay in the order that the responses had been written with the “Maintain Response Order” option available in this section. Responses also can be contained within a drop down menu with the option “Show as Drop Down Menu”.
  • Score: The score setting can set  questions to receive partial credit for the answered question or as extra credit in the assessment.
  • Calculator: A Basic, Standard, or Scientific calculator can be added to the question to be used as a tool for students to answer a question.
  • Objectives, Variables, and Companion Material can be added to the question, as well within the question settings.