Accessing Buzz and Imagine Edgenuity from Current Enrollments page

Use this page to learn about the LMS Link to the Buzz LMS and Imagine Edgenuity LMS from the ILVP Current Enrollments pages.

Frequently asked questions

Where does the link take me?
When you click the link in the LMS Link column, you are taken to the applicable LMS.
  • In the Buzz LMS, you are taken to the Gradebook page of the student's enrollment.
  • In the Imagine Edgenuity LMS, you are taken to the Student's Score Overview page.
Why is there no link in the LMS Link column for an enrollment?
There are two reasons that the LMS Link column could be blank:
  • The LMS link only works for the Buzz LMS and the Imagine Edgenuity LMS. If the enrollment is related to another LMS, the LMS Link column is blank. Review the LMS Type column to determine if this is the issue.
  • The LMS link does not display until one business day after an enrollment's start date. Review the Start Date column to determine if this is the issue.

If you have checked these two columns and cannot determine a reason why the LMS Link column is blank, send an email with details of the issue to

When I click the link, why does it require me to sign in to the LMS?
This is an expected behavior. When you initially click the link, you are prompted to sign in to the LMS. After the initial sign in, you will only have to sign in again if you log out of the LMS, if the browser times out, or if the LMS times out (between 2–6 hours of inactivity).
When I click on the link, why does it take me to the ILVP Dashboard?
If you are taken to the ILVP Dashboard, it means you do not have access to the LMS or access to that student in the LMS. If this is an error, contact support at
Why are some of the rows in the column red and others are not?
If there is an active alert on an enrollment, the LMS Link column displays LMS Alert and is highlighted red. This is a visual indicator that action needs to be taken on the enrollment. Once the alert has been resolved, the red highlight is removed and the link name changes to LMS Link.
How long does it take for an LMS Alert link to change to an LMS Link?
Once an LMS Alert is resolved, it will be reflected in the next ILVP data sync, which typically occurs every 1–2 hours.

Adding the LMS Link column to Current Enrollments pages

Add the LMS Link column to the Students, Teachers, and Enrollments tabs using the instructions in Setting Up Customized Columns for Current Enrollments.


  • You must customize the columns on each Current Enrollments page. Once you have added the column for one student, it will display for all students.
  • Place the link within the first 10 columns. This ensures the link is visible to you regardless of the size of the screen.

Accessing the Buzz LMS or Imagine Edgenuity LMS from the Current Enrollments page

Complete the following steps:

  1. Access the desired Current Enrollments page:
  2. Locate the LMS Link column and click the link.


    If you click the column header to sort the list, the enrollments with LMS Alerts will be listed first.

  3. Click the desired link.
  4. The page in the LMS displays.