Performing Drop Grace for a student


This is something an Administrator or Mentor can do.


For clients on a per semester enrollment license plan, dropping a course enrollment within the contract-specified drop period will help avoid incurring course enrollment charges for the course. Drop Grace status is used when a course is added incorrectly, or the student no longer wishes to take the specified course.

Drop Grace is only available during the drop grace time period specified on your order. The drop grace period time begins on the course activation date, not the start date. (Activation date is the date the course enrollment is activated in the system whereas start date is the date the student is expected to compete their first activities.)

Course enrollments active beyond the contract specified drop period will incur a license fee charge for that course enrollment. The standard drop period is 14 calendar days from the activation date for a semester course enrollment and 7 calendar days from the activation date for a summer course enrollments. 

Performing Drop Grace

  1. Click Students.
  2. Click the name of the school if more than one is available. 
  3. Click Current Enrollments.
  4. Click Customize Columns.
  5.  Ensure Enrollment Activation Date and Grade Overall (Value) are selected. 
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click the Start Date heading to sort the data. 


    It may need to be clicked twice so the newest enrollments appear on the top.

  8. Checkmark the enrollments that have an Enrollment Activation Date under 14 days and there is no overall grade. 
  9. Select Dropped Grace from the Modify Status dropdown. 
  10. Enter the current date next to Select Time Stamp
  11. Click Apply Changes