Adjusting the enrollment end date for a current enrollment

Use this page to change the end date of an enrollment. 


The steps on this page can be completed by an Administrator.

  1. Click Schools.


    For specific students, click Mentors and then select Mentor's name. Jump to step three.

  2. Click the school name. 
  3. Click Current Enrollments


    Students with at least one enrollment will appear.

  4. Checkmark the box next to the name of the student(s).


    Only select a maximum of ten students at a time as only ten can be done at once for the next step.

  5. Click Sync with LMS
  6. A green confirmation bar will appear. 
  7. Checkmark the same student(s).
  8. Enter a new end date. 
  9. Click Change Dates


Summer school courses are set for 9 weeks with a one-week maximum extension. Semester courses are set for 18 weeks with a two-week maximum extension. If the adjusted dates extend courses beyond the license agreement, an additional fee may occur. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.