Reinstating students – Program Leads

If a student who has been withdrawn or changed to inactive status returns, the student can be reinstated.

To review a student's status:

  1. Click the Schools tab.

  2. Click your school's name, then click Students.


  3. Review the following:
    • Status column: Look for students with a withdrawn or inactive status. This means the student does not have access to the system.
    • Enrollments column: Look for students who have zero enrollments: This means the student is not enrolled in any courses.


To reinstate a student:

  1. Select the student's name.

  2. Select Edit Information.

  3. In the Academic section, from the Status menu, select Active.

  4. Scroll down and click Save.

  5. If you also need to reinstate course enrollments for the student, continue to the next section. If not, the process is complete.

To reinstate a student's course enrollments:


Only use this feature for short-term situations (for example, a student withdrew at a certain point in the semester but returned before the semester ended). If a student needs to sign up for a new semester or course in general, do not use this feature.

  1. On the student's page under Actions, select Reinstate.

  2. Select the box next to the name of the applicable course or courses, then click Reinstate.