Creating duplicate sections – Program Leads

Use the Duplicate Sections tool to create an additional section from an existing section associated with a school. This duplicate section can then be assigned to a teacher. 


There must be active sections already available under a school in order to duplicate them. If your school does not have any active sections, contact your Imagine Instructional Services main contact.

To create duplicate sections:

  1. Search for the teacher who needs the duplicate section. View the steps here.
  2. Do one of the following:

    If Then
    You locate the teacher Continue to step 3.
    You do not locate the teacher

    Ceate a new teacher account using these steps.

  3. Click the Sections tab. The page defaults to the Find Sections view.

  4. In the Search Criteria section:
    • Select the applicable Department and School.
    • In the Status drop-down menu, select Active.
    • Click Get Data.

  5. From the list that displays, check the boxes next to the applicable sections.

  6. Scroll down and click Create Duplicate Sections.

  7. On the Duplicate Sections page:
    • From the New Teacher drop-down list, select the teacher.
    • Leave the Transfer Active Enrollments selection as No.
    • Next to I confirm the duplicated selections, click the checkbox.
    • Click Duplicate.