Proactive Communication

Communicating with students is a crucial task when teaching virtually. When you are working in a virtual setting, proactively communicating with students each week helps to engage your students.


What is Proactive Communication?

  • Based on the student journey --> we know their needs throughout their work in the course
  • Communicate with students about their journey BEFORE they ask questions or hit stumbling blocks.
  • Intentional in nature (relevant to the student)


Student Journey

Ask yourself:

  • What do students need to get started in the course?
  • What do students need to know in order to get help?
  • What do students need to do to bring up their grades?
  • What do students need to stay on track and finish on time?
  • From the start of the class to the end, what are students going to be doing? How can I proactively  provide information they need?


Student Needs

  • Small chunks of information – short and concise information so students are more likely to absorb the message
  • Information at JUST the right time – sending timely feedback
  • To understand what is coming next – what am I going to learn next? 


Student Specific

Students need specific communication: 

  • To feel connected to their teacher
  • Information that is relevant to them
  • Praise and encouragement - that is connected explicitly to the work they are completing