Adding a communication in ILVP

Educators can log different categories of communication in the Imagine Learning Virtual Portal (ILVP, formerly SIS).

For guidance on using texting in the ILVP, click here.

  1. Click Enrollments.
  2. Click the student who will receive the communication.
  3. Click Add Communication on the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the Category of the communication.


    Types of communication categories:

    Category Description

    Phone Call – Left Message

    Left a voicemail
    Phone Call – Successful Contact Synchronous conversation with student, guardian, or mentor
    Phone Call – Unsuccessful Contact Answers and hangs up, no option to leave a message, or disconnected
    Email Communication through Outlook email
    IM Only used by Concept Coaching for on-demand tutoring services
    In Person Meeting Session held in synchronous learning platform like Blackboard with individual student or group of students; does not include state-required synchronous sessions
    In Person Meeting – Group Group session held in synchronous learning platform like Class Collaborate initiating from required state synchronous session
    In Person Meeting – Individual Session held in synchronous learning platform like Class Collaborate with one individual
    Mailed Correspondence Physical piece of mail is sent
    SMS Text Message Individual texts educator work phone number rather than ILVP text number
  5. Enter a Subject.
  6. Type the message, making sure to keep the content objective.
  7. Click Save.


All communication with a student, mentor or guardian outside of the ILVP must be logged. This maintains accurate ILVP records. Keep added communications objective because anyone with ILVP teacher, mentor, or administrator access can see them.