Sending Bulk Emails — Teachers

This page explains how to send emails to a group of students.

For a demonstration of how to do this, click this video link.

  1. Click Teachers
  2. Select your name. 
  3. Click Current Enrollments
  4. Use the Search criteria and/or Advanced Filter to find the student who is to receive the text message.
    To see the steps for using the Advanced Filter to find a student, click here.
  5. Click Get Data to display the students that match the search criteria of the filter.
  6. Check the students who should get the email then click Send Email at the bottom of the screen.


    Check Select All to email all the students on the list, or check students individually to choose specific ones.

  7. At the top of the Send email page, select Enrollment (if student has more than one), Template (to fill in contents of email automatically - the Description will be completed at the same time), Subject and who should receive copies of the email.
  8. To add an attachment, click here to follow the steps.
  9. Enter the text of the email to be sent to the selected students.
  10. To personalize the contents of the email for each student by inserting variables, click here to follow the steps.
  11. Click Send at the top of the page, next to the confirmation of the number of students the email will be sent to.