Texting in the ILVP

Texting through the secure Imagine Learning Virtual Portal (ILVP) is the only approved method of texting students. This is for the protection of both you and your students.

To identify students who can receive text messages, access the Current Enrollments screen and review the SMS Enabled column. Students who have Yes can receive text messages. If the column is not visible, add it by following the steps here.

Frequently asked questions

If a student texts my office number, can I text them back from my office number and record that in the ILVP?
If a student texts your office number, we recommend replying to their text via ILVP SMS text. This action will keep all student communications within the ILVP system. We recommend that your office number be used for phone calls only, however, we understand that sometimes circumstances may keep this from being an optimal solution.
If a parent gives me updated contact information for texting, how can I change the SMS contact number?
Instruct the parent to contact the school to update student information such as phone numbers and email addresses.
I received information from the student or parent that they do not want to receive text messages. What should I do?
On the student's Edit Information page, remove the contact number under SMS contact number. Make a sticky note with the date and your initials indicating that you have carried out the request. Example: Parent requested no texting, removed SMS number, 8/13/19 - A.Bell
If a student is able to receive SMS texting, do I still have to make phone calls?
Yes. You should still be reaching out to students and guardians via phone calls and logging that in the ILVP from the Add Communications screen.
FERPA: How does this apply?

FERPA is the federal law that affords parents the right to access their child’s educational records, request amendments to the records, and have some control over the disclosure of personally identifiable information.

      • Part of FERPA requires that reasonable methods be used to identify and authenticate the identity of those who are communicating with about a student. Just as with phone calls.
      • Do NOT share information with people who are not listed on the student ILVP page. If you ever have any concerns, reach out to your supervisor for guidance.

Sending a text via the ILVP is secure. The school and family have opted in to this kind of communication and have provided an approved number.

We must still be careful about what type of information is sent via text.

  • Ask yourself: “If someone from the community were to read my text, would they know who I was referring to?”
Not Okay to Text Okay to Text
  • User names and passwords
  • First and last names together
  • Birth dates
  • Addresses
  • Pictures
  • Links to any personally identifiable information
  • Grades
  • Just first name
  • Class taking
  • Your name

Example: Hi Sarah, this is Mrs. Bell, your ELA teacher. Are you able to get started in class?

When should I use ILVP texting and how is it documented?

Many students like to communicate via text message, so you may consider ILVP texting as one of many ways to reach out to students weekly. Be aware that until you text the student, they will not be able to text you to the ILVP system. Outlined in the table below are some times when it is appropriate and advisable to text students.  

Start of Course Engagement and Pacing Additional Times
  • Text within first week to welcome.

Example: Welcome to Art class Susan! I am happy to have you as a student. What are you most looking forward to in the class? - Mrs. Bell

  • Text students who are not working or who are falling behind.

Example: Hi Tim, don’t forget about Algebra class, how can I help you get back to work today? - Mrs. Bell

Example: Hi Becky, this is Mrs. Bell, your teacher for Biology. Are you able to log on today and work? I want to help you get back on track.

  • Remind student of an upcoming study session
  • Congratulate student on meeting milestones
  • Explain how to access On-Demand Tutoring, book a meeting with you etc.

Example: Hello Maddie, don’t forget we have a study session today at 1:00. - Mrs. Bell

Example: Hi Rob, great work this week in your World Cultures class! You made some great progress. - Mrs. Bell

Sending an ILVP text message

  1. Use the Search criteria and/or Advanced Filter to find the student who is to receive the text message.


    To see the steps for using the Advanced Filter to find a student, click here.

  2. Click Send SMS in the Actions menu on the left-hand side.
  3. If the student has more than one enrollment, select one from the drop-down list, then type in the text message and click Send.


If the message did not successfully send, a red bar with an X will appear. Check that a valid phone number is saved in the student's Edit Information page.

After a message is sent, the SMS ILVP message will appear in the student's messages tab in the ILVP and on their cell phone. The student can respond to you from either platform. IVP SMS messages are automatically recorded in the ILVP Communication Log.

If the Send SMS tab does not populate, that means the district does not allow students to get SMS messages. Review the Edit Information tab under Contact Information - SMS Enabled.